A Cemetery Tree Michael Hemphill August 26, 2010 Some people believe that when you die, you come back in another life.  When I was young, I would play this game with my close friends.  I would ask, "if you could come back in another life, what would you be?"  They might have said, "a bird, [...]

59 Chickens and 1 Fox by Michael Hemphill When I was a boy there was a time when I could have the freshest of farm fresh eggs. Out back, deep in the south-east corner of our property stood an old wooden building.  It looked as if it had been there a long, long time.  One summer, [...]

In the studio... magic can happen.  You start with an empty canvas, and end with a song! But it's the inspiration that is so interesting to me. This elusive butterfly can hide for days and not show its face, but then suddenly from nowhere it appears as bright as the Sun. Life long friend and [...]

At age 16 I first sat down in front of a piano and press down on her keys.  Like a bolt of lightning to the brain, I was energized to level I had never felt before.  I instantly knew that I must continue down this (long) road, for my destiny was here. Some forty years [...]