Muldolf’s Inner World

Project Numero Uno – Muldolf’s Inner World (MIW) – 2003.

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Summer of 2002 in the Abacos Islands with good friend Kerwin

The inspiration for Muldolf’s Inner World came during a wonderful time we spent at the Abacos Islands in the Bahamas. Surrounded by beautiful blue Caribbean water and great friends, I began to explore the idea of building my first “musical story”. I wasn’t quite sure how it would work, but the music and story just flowed through me like a sunset on flat water, lingering until it was all out. I knew back in 2002, that I would do more projects like this. I had to.

Muldolf falls through a split in the time continuum where he journeys through a very unique world with his new flying friend Railen. Railen is in search of personal wealth while Muldolf cannot quite understand what he is looking for until… “SHE” finds him.

What is the fate of Muldolf in his inner world? Do you want to know?
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