10 – Monkey

Act One may be subtitled Love, but it certainly doesn’t seem to start out that way.  Monkey slams the listener in the face with hard rocking themes and a diatribe of villainous threats!  Lurking around the shadows in most of Act One, the Monkey, our villain debuts loud and proud in the first song of Act Two.  He’s angry, he’s vicious, he’s confident, and he is very, very dangerous!!!  What does he have in store for us in this outer space adventure? Stay tuned in to find out.

11 – Neptune Queue

Join co-pilot Jake and flight attendant Ann as they take a little time for themselves to see the wildly popular Grok Monroe concert.  Set on a super massive spacial Giant Clam, the Grok Monroe concert is digitally reproduced into a hologram for mass distribution through a network of black hole venues across the open sectors of major universal sectors!  Now that’s popular! Jake and Ann’s date starts out with a visit to a nearby carnival.  This 3/4 waltz explores the possibilities all the fun that awaits visitors at Neptune.


12 – Grok’s Shining Star

Imagine getting front row seats at the most popular concert in the universe, hosted at Uranus!  Witness for yourself the incredible talent of this universal star, Grok Monroe!  With his new band, he is sure to put on a fantastic show.  Plenty of instrumental solos at the end of the song to delight all guests.  But not all is at it seems…


13 – Lost In Space

Something has gone terribly wrong!!! No spoiler alerts here, but you need to listen in and see how the captain and crew are managing passenger safety and survival while their Solar Bus has become damaged.


14 – Holding Onto Hope

Jake and Ann are faced with their unfortunate destiny, just as they were beginning to get to know each other.  This song celebrates the internal strength of love even when the mightiest of enemies threatens all of existence.

15 – Mapping a Plan

This toe-tapping number will keep you engaged in the story while you are trying to sort out the horrific consequences for the captain and crew.



Three more tracks follow to complete Act Two and the story, but alas, I cannot share any more.  It simply is to difficult to bear… Will the captain save the passengers of the Solar Bus Tour?  Will love conquer evil? What’s to become of Jake & Ann?

All sound effects were created by Michael Hemphill or downloaded from our favorite sound effects website.  If you need sound effects please remember to visit

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