Escape the Martian Monkey War

Escape the Martian Monkey War

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You are about to embark on a journey to the stars.  An amazing adventure awaits you as you follow Captain Roland Stone and his crew as they host another “filled to capacity” Solar Bus Tour.  It is the year 2264 and the solar system has become a fantastic playground. This tour grants the passengers “first-hand” witness to the vast Terra-forming projects that are underway on most of the planets in our solar system. Colonies of a variety of interplanetary species have traveled far in hopes of freedom and a better life as they now inhabit these “developed zones”. The tour is scheduled to visit each of the eight planets showcasing the “crème de la crème” of tourist attractions guaranteeing to delight an amaze our passengers.

The passengers for today’s Solar Bus Tour are now arriving at the launch site and preparing to board the solar bus spaceship. So, sit back and enjoy as we join the passengers and courageous crew on the amazing and brilliant Solar Bus Tour!



………  Intermission  ………




Michael Hemphill
– Voices –
Captain Roland Stone
Winston Ward
The Monkey
The Narrator

CopilotJake1James Prather
– Voices –
Co-Pilot Jake Wade
Grok Monroe


Lara Lairen
– Voices –
Flight Attendant Ann Hale

All sound effects were created by Michael Hemphill or downloaded from our favorite sound effects website.  If you need sound effects please remember to visit

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