Never Overstate an Underscore

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A conversation with the composer of NOAU

People ask me where I get my musical ideas. Honestly, no two are alike. But NOAU came to me in a very simple an unusual way. In the summer of 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, I was sitting at a restaurant in our local alfresco when all of a sudden I heard this sentence in my head. I began repeating it over and over, but I didn’t know why. Finally I said it out loud, “Never Overstate an Under…”. An Under – What? After several words that made no sense were rejected I settled on Underscore and I liked it. I liked how it sounded. I liked that it could tell a whole story in one sentence. And that’s what happened. The story plot poured out of me on to paper. With help from my co-conceiver, wife, and excellent editor, we had a script built in just a matter of days. And I was in luck. I had at least a half dozen musical ideas lying around waiting for a purpose. I was in the studio recording in just a few short weeks. It’s true sometimes for people, and certainly for me, that creative ideas are given as gift. I did my best in the studio to bring it alive and now I want to share my gift with you.






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