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Slipping Into Oblivion

It was brilliant. I had to admit it, I was impressed with myself. Each object had two lead couplings. Once the object was chosen, one coupling would become the “winner” and the other forced to be the “loser“. But this is where things get clever. The “winner” would produce a new set of lead couplings and the process could start all over again. I decided the object could be an alphanumeric character, you know, letters and numbers. Then if you string these along, you could produce a series of characters that would be very useful indeed. I was interested in a Use Case to secure my house. So, it would be a password. Nobody gets IN unless they know the password, one character at a time.

But that wasn’t important now, because my house was filled with people, familiar to me. They gathered in the kitchen; they were mingling in the living room. Some were outside, but most were inside and still coming in too. I had spent the last fifteen minutes explaining the “Object/Lead Coupling Concept” to a group of people in the dining room, but either they were not interested or simply could not follow my logic, I don’t know. And so, a bit frustrated I left. Yet, they did look familiar, I swear I know these people, at least I used to, I think.

I found myself on the front lawn. Others were there too. One of them seemed very upset. It was a woman. She was pretty, but she was scared. Pointing at my house, she carried on quite affrighted. I approached. It was the properties’ ground-level foundation. The house had moved off of its substructure. Actually, slipped back several feet. It was raining, raining hard. Wait… Why hadn’t I noticed that until now. I thought, I’m tired but, My God! My House!!! Surely, I must do something. The rain came down harder and people on the front lawns decided to make a try for the house, at least they could get sheltered. I agreed and followed, giving my best attempt as an orderly-fashioned candidate. As I stepped up to the front door, the house moved again.

I made my best improvisational jump and leaped inside, turning to see the house sliding further from its original and proper location. I entered into the foyer and followed on into the living room. The scene had changed. The party atmosphere was gone, dead, replaced with tense and worried people. Staring at me with confused faces, faces I should know, Damn It!

Then, suddenly, the house dropped, I think maybe 3 feet, but maybe more. I don’t know, but it caused a huge stir with everyone as people began screaming. A large PACK ran back to the front door to see what was happening, and that’s when I felt it. The house tipped, just a little at first, but then a second time with more effect. I heard a loud electrical sizzling “SNAP” and things went black. I had been heading for the front door when we lost power, but now decided to turn back in the other direction. In some crazy part of mymind, I thought maybe we should balance the load, level the house. So, that’s what I did. I headed to the back of the house, to the back door. There was light back there and I headed for it. And that’s when it happened…

You know, I’ve spent my whole life on solid ground, protected by Mother Earth and I’m aware of Her. Gravity, good old Gravity, you can always count on Gravity. Even in an airplane, there is a false sense of stability. The plane feels the same as the airport. So, I’m okay. I can fly. Mother Earth. Dependable!… So, what was that feeling that I had next? It’s hard to explain, likely because I have never felt it before… The foundation was gone… The light before me was getting smaller. I was Sooooo… Close to the door but I could not grab it. Moreover, it was no longer in front of me, it was now moving over me, above me… I tried again, and again but I could not grab that DAMN DOOR!

… FREE FALLING NOW… all the other faceless people were gone…………

… In a moment, the cries and screams simply vanished. It was just me. I was alone. I could wait. I could wait here. forever…

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