The Guy Who Gets to Name Fonts

The Guy Who Gets To Name Fonts

Michael Hemphill

August  31, 2010

Corsiva, Albertus, Estrangelo-Edessa, Garamond, Kartika, Marlett, Tahoma and Verdana…

I want to meet the guy that gets to name fonts.  I wonder what his list of rejected font names might look like…

  • Flemonit.
  • Honess-Blagoyavit.
  • Foulfarth.
  • Forledder-Wurtz.
  • Hitlerfrendt.
  • Cubzwen-WhrlSerees.

There are two different categories of fonts: Serif and San Serif which are easily detectable by their type face.  Serif fonts have lots of semi-structural details on of the letter’s strokes.  Fonts can also be proportional or m o n o s p a c e.  The best way to observe a font is by typing the following sentence:  “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog”.  You’ll notice at least one occurrence of all 26 letters of our alphabet.

So who is the guy that name fonts?  It isn’t a guy at all, it’s a lady and her name is:

Ima Phont-Namere