There is music everywhere… the music you find in here is different, unique, demanding your attention.  Please take a moment and look around. You may find something you like – Michael Hemphill

I’m very excited about the upcoming release of my latest music project. Never Overstate An Underscore or NOAU for short. Our hero, Loren Ipsum is about to embark on a dangerous journey where his life is constantly threatened. Will he outwit his enemies and survive?  His fate lies in the toss of the dice, literally.  Follow the link above to learn more about my latest project and delivery updates. 

“Underscores, Dashes and Tildes. All the tools you will need” – M Hemphill

Released in December of 2019, 1251 is a musical adventure back into time!  You will find this adventure calling you further and further into it as challenges are met and overcome.  Tim and his sister Raine are about to learn the most amazing truth about themselves that will leave you speechless!  Are you ready to travel to the year 1251? By the way, the script is currently under review for a possible stage production.  You might want to get your copy now and enjoy the sights and sounds of 1251 before everyone else!

1251 – A time sensitive time travel to the year 1251

And don’t forget to take a look at Escape the Martian Monkey War (EMMW).  A very popular set of story music from 2018 that everyone is still talking about. It’s great fun with witty music and lyrics that tell a story like you never heard before.

Escape the Martian Monkey War
I’m Captain Roland Stone aboard the famous Solar Bus Tour

And where it all began for me? Well, I’ve been composing music since I was a teenager, but for Musical Stories, it all began with MIW – Muldolf’s Inner World. Inspired by the calming waters of the Bahamas, I set out to write a story that yearns for a new life.

Me in the sand, my head… in Muldolf’s Inner World.

And be on the lookout in June when I kick off my 2021 resolution to write posts on archived songs from the past.  I will attempt to bring some of my best music for your enjoyment and feedback.  More on this later!

A rare photo capturing how I prepare for a new musical project.